Beyond Gluten-Free Mania


February 21 2017

I just finished reading your blog and thought…wow…now someone is talking the way I have been thinking for a few years. I always wondered why such a hype with Gluten free foods is it has been around for thousands of years. I had a feeling more of people’s problems and ailments are due to pesticides on plant foods they eat and refined white sugars and the wrong fats. Also not eating enough fruit and vegetables. I was so happy to know there are others out there such as yourself that are tryin to put this our there. I just tried your oatmeal cookie mix with organic chocolate chips made from stevia. Also my eggs and olive oil I used is organic. I let the mix sit for at least 45 mins. since I had other things to do. I only used a half of a cup of chips. Also used both the van. and cinn. which both are organic also. They turned out perfect. Loved them. Just a little tidbit of info. Maybe on your packaging you should let people know to turn the oven on at the end if they let their cookies sit for half hour or more. A waste of energy for sure. My oven only takes like 5 mins. to heat up to 300. (we are at a higher altitude and all the recipes I use I have to turn down the oven and length of baking time) Baked for 6 mins.! Now to post some of what you said about Gluten on my fb page!

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