George's Favourite Oatmeal


December 26 2014

Goodwill is a great place to find mason jars and other pretty jars for cheap. Especially on their half picerd Saturdays! If you will not be canning with them, you just need to wash everything with hot, soapy water.If you are short on funds for jars, but have extra fabric sitting around, you can put some mixes in bags, then wrap in a circle of fabric and tie with ribbon. Here is a mix that doesn’t have to be layered.Chocolate Pudding Mix:2 1/2 cups instant nonfat dry milk5 cups sugar3 cups cornstarch1 teaspoon salt2 1/2 cups unsweetened cocoaTo Use: Make sure you wisk the mix in a bowl to get out any lumps before using. Measure out 2/3 cup of mix in a medium saucepan. Add 2 cups milk, one teaspoon vanilla, and one tablespoon butter. Cook over low heat stirring constantly until mixture comes to a boil. Continue cooking and stirring for one minute. Remove from heat and allow to cool.

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