Andrew's Vegan Waffles


January 09 2015

that, I got the hang of it pretty qckuily. I would not let my kids use it though. They also sell these with wooden handles. It would probably be easier. 3) You have to use enough heat. You have to preheat each side till it starts to smoke. I use medium to medium high heat on a gas burner. Do not use high heat to preheat as you can burn off the seasoning. By the way, i don’t know if this will work on an electric burner. And you have to brush or spray some oil or butter. I brush lightly a mix of oil and butter. I find i only have to do this every other waffle, as the waffle mix does have some butter in it.4) I don’t wash the waffle surfaces, I just brush and wipe after cooking.HOWEVER, in spite of all that, I really like these and the my kids rate the waffles a 10, especially the cheesy waffles. I use a yeasted waffle batter that I make the night before. It includes, flour, buttermilk, eggs, and a bit of sugar and salt and some melted butter. I stir in a pinch of baking soda for extra lift prior to baking. You can put vanilla extract or grated cheese. I top with either real maple syrup, dulce sauce, or whipped cream and chopped fruits.

December 26 2014

You’ve really helped me undtrseand the issues. Thanks.

June 01 2014

Enjoyed the waffles this morning with my 2 year old! Tried the muffin mix and made blueberry muffins as well. I’m hooked.

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