1869 Pancakes


July 31 2015

i got your pancake mix because is organic (we always hope eh?!) because i liked the words ancient grain – fresh stone ground and because is made in canada… but the recipe on the back (bar code 8 41817 00002 5) is for 6 people…! and me and baby boy dont eat that much… is here or a way to find a recipe for small amount of pancakes? like 6 to 8 pancakes… we r not much of pasta/starch/flour eaters therefore not much skill makin’ pancakes thanks.

June 25 2015

anything i can use instead of the yogourt? I’m out and really wanna try these lol

April 09 2015

I made these pancakes and added large sliced apples ?to each pancake while frying in butter. It was very good,everyone liked it even my toddler.

January 30 2015

enjoyed the pancakes very much but have lots of extra batter…can I freeze the leftover uncooked batter?

January 09 2015

Merel, my dear,If you look closely eogunh, I think you’ll find she’s not exactly wearing that purple thing .I think she’s holding it with other items no wait, I see now it’s her scarf!? And, Drew does have a hippie quality about her.Enjoy and Cheers!

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