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It tastes different. It feels different. It IS different. Bake like it's 1869 is not just a marketing tagline, but an authentic return to the way baked goods used to be, with freshly stone milled organic grains—and no modern wheat. Hearty, satisfying and not too sweet, it's a totally different food experience that your customers will love.

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Each shipper holds six cases (36 units total) — we can fill it with any mix and match combination of our single-SKU cases. Refer to the chart below and use the order notes area of the cart to tell us which six you want.

Shipping is $10-$15 for each shipper in Canada, and $25-$35 CAD each for US destinations.

AM5 Ancient Grain Muffin Mix 841817000018
AP5 Ancient Grain Pancake Mix 841817000025
OC5 All Oatmeal Cookie Mix 841817000032
AC5 Ancient Grain Rustic Cookie Mix 841817000049
KM5 Golden Kamut Muffin Mix 841817000056
RM5 Red Fife Muffin Mix 841817000063
OS5 Old Scottish Oat Scone Mix 841817000070